USMC Woodland Digital MARPAT Christmas Stocking
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United States Marine Corps MARPAT digital desert stocking. 

The material used is 100% Marine Corps issue material. The exact material that makes your Marine Corps uniform. As you can see in the third picture, the Eagle Globe and Anchor is in the material. These were sewn in Burlington, Washington by a dear family friend who has been a professional seamstress for 40 plus years and shipped to us in Ohio to sell to you our customers "U.S. Marines" their family and friends.  We offer these in two sizes. 17" long or 19.5" long the cuff is made of soft felt which matches the color of the Marpat desert material.  If you would like to order a stocking with the cuff made of the Marpat it will take 2 weeks for delivery, it will be a special order.

Order while they last, (There is no guarantee that your stocking  will have the EGA due to the material, just like your cammies there may or maynot be one. We do make every attempt to have at least one of the EGA in the stocking, but no guarantees. WE DO guarantee that this is original material 100% and you or your Marines will love it.100% since 2005 - Shop with assured quality, timely delivery and a purpose behind our organization. Semper Fi


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Semper Fi!


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USMC Woodland Digital MARPAT Christmas Stocking

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